Does This Inflatable, Portable Couch Really Look Like A Vagina?

While I really wish I could be at home in a taco chair all day, sometimes, I have to wander out into the real world, where sitting becomes less easy. Enter the Lamzac, the couch you can carry on your back.

While inflatable furniture isn’t exactly revolutionary (raise your hand if you spent the '90s with your thighs stuck to a blow-up chair), the Lamzac is different. Instead of having to waste your energy (and lung capacity) blowing it up, you simply inflate it with a “single flick of the wrist.” The whole process is pretty mesmerizing:

While some commenters on the Facebook video (and my fellow R29 employees) are comparing it to a vagina, I personally don’t see it — as another commenter points out, you could also call it an over-inflated canoe. Or, as yet another commenter puts it, “BIG VAGINAS...We all came from one so how can they not make you feel comfortable!!”

Unfortunately, U.S. shoppers will have to wait a while to test out the Lamzac for themselves — it's currently only available in Europe. For those of us stateside, there’s a similar option on Amazon.

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