The Taco-Shaped Chair You Never Knew You Needed

Photo: Courtesy of The Blandito.
We all have those moments when we wish we could just hang out in bed all day long. Well, there’s a furniture line that is practically made for those Netflix-and-chill moods.
Enter, the Blandito, the lazy person’s dream chair-cushion-pad thingy. Made of malleable materials, it’s basically a flat pillow that can fold up and be secured into whatever shape you want it to be — the top pick being a cuddle taco (or clam?), of course. Made by Oradaria Design, the Blandito molds into the desired shape and is then secured by two wooden tapestry balls. Once you’re set up, you’re not going anywhere. So, you can feel like you got out of bed, but not really. Check out this cool stop-motion video on the endless (food-shaped) design options below. Yep, your naps just got so much better.

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