This Is Our Jam: Kurt Vile, "Wakin On A Pretty Day"

When Kurt Vile's voice arrives at the beginning of "Wakin On A Pretty Day," the new single from his similarly titled new album Wakin On A Pretty Daze, it's easy to think of Stephen Malkmus singing the Pavement classic "Range Life." Both singers have a lackadaisical quality to their deliveries that embodies their loves of simple routine. "To be frank, I'm fried / But I don't mind," sings Vile before settling into the rest of the track's 10-minute groove.
While the song is set to languid guitar, "Wakin On A Pretty Day" moves the listener effortlessly along without slagging. On repeat, it could be a full-time soundtrack to Vile's strolls around town. (The video, set to images of Vile's native Philadelphia seems to suggests as much.) Like "Range Live" before it, "Wakin On A Pretty Day" calls for a life where daze have become the same exact thing.
Kurt Vile––Wakin on a Pretty Daze
"Wakin on a Pretty Day"
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