These Kitchen Gadgets Will Simplify Your Daily Routine

Our kitchen is an essential part of our daily routine. It’s where we stumble for our a.m. caffeine fix, raid the fridge in the midst of a TV binge, and put our culinary chops (microwave-dependent or otherwise) to the test. Point being: We spend a lot of time in said space, so making it run as efficiently as possible is key.
Since splurging on a fancy new fridge or major renovation isn't quite in our sights (ahem, budget), we're dishing out nine affordable gadgets that'll get our space up to speed in no time. From a fridge magnet that creates grocery lists to the Skura Style sponge that alerts us when it needs to be changed to a smartphone-powered coffee machine, these products are lightyears ahead of your average appliances. Click through for proof that the kitchen is where the magic really happens.
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Fresh-brewed coffee with the tap of our smartphone screen. (Did someone raid our dream journal?)
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Meet the sponge that's smarter than our exes. It gets the job done then tells us when to toss it for a new one, thanks to special fade-to-change technology. Plus, with the convenient subscription service, we have new ones delivered to our door exactly when we need them.
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This isn't your everyday fridge magnet — it recognizes voices, scans barcodes to create sharable shopping lists, and connects to online stores for all-in-one checkout.
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This smart little scale can measure anything from a fraction of a teaspoon to over 10 pounds. Better yet, it connects to an iPad to cue up hundreds of delicious recipes on command.
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Getting caught up on reality TV while prepping dinner is our M.O., meaning we've ruined far too many meals to count. This ingenious thermometer connects to our smartphones to create alerts and keep us updated on the cooking status of our meals. We'll never have to scarf down overcooked chicken again.
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Not a coffee person? Not to worry. This uber-smart, one-touch tea maker uses exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to create the perfect cup of tea every time. Set the timer to wake up to a steaming-hot mug every day.
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Germophobes, pay attention. This no-touch, motion-sensor trash can ensures we'll never have to touch a grimy lid again. Not to mention, the rose-gold color totally fits our color scheme.
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Ever plopped leftover Pad Thai in the fridge only to totally lose track of how long it's been there? These handy little gadgets track what day food went in, so we know exactly whether to toss or keep it.
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Say hello to the future. This sanitizing wand uses powerful UV light to zap germs, bacteria, and odors — sans the harsh chemicals found in most disinfectants.

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