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We Had No Idea THIS Is How Your Favorite Cult Dessert Is Made

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When it comes to donuts, we're down for absolutely anything. From decadent Prosecco-flavored rings to those heartbreakingly adorable Pusheen lookalikes, we're pretty sure that we're coming close to having sampled every possible breed of this classic dessert. And considering the number of donuts we've tasted, it seemed only natural to take our expertise behind-the-scenes for an up-close look at how they're actually made. That's why we headed to Mag's Donuts & Bakery — an L.A. institution renowned for its irresistible confections and iconic pink boxes.
Mag's isn't a Southern California favorite just because of its treats (though that certainly has something to do with it). The family-owned business also produces those rose-hued packages that get our hearts beating just at the mere sight of them. After a happy accident, in which pink cardboard was delivered instead of red, the joyous color has been associated with powdered perfection ever since — and we couldn't be happier about it.
Of course, what really matters is what's inside the pink box, and Mag's certainly doesn't disappoint. Made fresh every morning by matriarch Yean Yen, Mag's donuts start out as a cake mix that is blended with water. Next, the batter is poured into a machine that shapes them into spheres and cranks them directly into a vat of boiling oil. After 2 minutes on each side, the donuts are ready for decorating. But you better grab one fast — the hot ones are always the first to sell.
Watch the video above to catch the entire mesmerizing process.

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How Are Doughnuts Made - Donut Production ProcessReleased on October 4, 2017