House Of Hipsters' Home Isn't Exactly Expected

With five years of serial redecorating under her belt and a basement full of collected secondhand treasures, you could say that Kyla Herbes, the blogger behind House of Hipsters, is a bit of a vintage addict. As a graphic designer by day, it was only a matter of time before she turned her artistic eye to the home.

From scouring local flea markets to shopping vintage online, Kyla has done it all. Thanks to a practiced eye (and an extremely roomy car), she’s managed to curate a wonderfully quirky, eclectic home that’s a perfect mix of high and low, modern and vintage. Click ahead for a tour, and to see exactly what controversial piece makes her home the talk of the town.

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On the outside, Kyla’s neighborhood looks like a scene out of The Stepford Wives. Her home is located in the suburbs of Chicago, where everyone seems to have the same things — the same cars, the same lawnmowers, and the same brick-and-mortar digs. With a name like House of Hipsters, though, it’s no surprise that Kyla decided to rebel against the ordinary.
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When Kyla first looked at the home five years ago, it was all pink. “You cannot unsee this horror,” Kyla reminisces.

Literally, every room was a varying shade of pink. From a hot-pink accent wall to a mauve one in the foyer, the home sampled every shade of pink one could imagine. Obviously, that was the first thing to go.
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When they moved from their previous 1,500-square-foot space to the current 5,000-square-foot home, it was definitely an adjustment.

Kyla began with structural changes, then moved onto the interior. “Tastes change, and it’s an ever-evolving process. That’s what makes it fun. One room can take two years. Before, I used to buy room sets. But now I like having unique, one-of-a kind things, and that’s what I love about shopping vintage. Everything is special and unlike any other.”
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Upon entry, guests are greeted with a bold aqua rug, a cozy rattan chair from Chairish, and black-and-white mugshots. Yep, mugshots.
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Kyla explains how she ended up with these controversial pieces: “I like the style. They’re all from the '60s, and I purchased them individually over time to create my current collection. I think it’s cool that they’re real mugshots, with a history and a past. They add an eclectic touch because — surprise — mugshots of strangers aren’t common.”

It’s very Orange is the New Black-chic.
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But there's far more to Kyla's home than that eclectic artwork; Kyla is also a self-professed Instagram addict. “That awesome pair of Foo dogs was a steal from the HonestlyWTF x Chairish Instagram sale. Whenever my husband hears that there’s going to be an Instagram sale, he says "So pretty much you’ll be unavailable for the next few hours?’ Yep.” #InstagramProblems
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Kyla is a true lover of all things vintage. When doing a local pickup of the rattan chair from Chairish, Kyla and the seller hit it off over a shared passion for midcentury-modern design. “He asked if I wanted to see his basement,” Kyla shares. “Obviously, I was a little nervous about going into a stranger’s basement, but he seemed super friendly. I went in, and it was AMAZING. It was packed full of midcentury-modern finds, and I was in heaven, essentially. It was so nice!”
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Of course, Kyla’s epic shelfie is full of vintage finds, too. Modern brass candlesticks and a black-and-white lamp keep her Etagere shelf looking chic.
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A brass pineapple sits on top of a lucite tray, adding a touch of whimsy to Kyla’s coffee table. And of course, fresh flowers are always a plus.
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Every piece in this corner has a significant meaning in Kyla’s life. The Division Downtown sign is one of her favorite parks in Chicago, and the pictures are of her son, daughter, and her grandfather with his 13 brothers.
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For the master bedroom, Kyla called on friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer Harrison of Flea Market Fab, to help her redesign the space. Together, they decided on a bold color palette with pops of coral and navy. Believe it or not, the two of them pulled together the space in only two days. Talk about speed shopping!
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Because the bed is so colorful, they went for minimalist accessories on top of the dresser. A bright piece of Heather Chontos art, which Kyla scored during one of Chairish’s live Instagram sales, keeps the vignette from looking too muted.
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When mixing lots of patterns and textiles, Kyla recommends sticking to a unifying color palette. “Go with two big colors and hints of a third color,” she advises. Kyla went with a contrasting coral and navy, which are softened by touches of pink.
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In the guest bedroom, Kyla took a completely different approach. Working with online interior design service Decorist, they opted to go more toned down and neutral than in the master bedroom. Earthy colors, organic textures, and rich layers add dimension and depth to the room. A Moroccan blanket adds a festive touch, and the insect book was another score from a Chairish Instagram sale.
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Shopping vintage means nabbing unique finds, but it can also take time. Kyla explains: “You never know what you’re going to find. You can’t go looking for something in particular — you’ve got to be open-minded to whatever you find. You have to be patient. You shouldn’t be buying something just to buy something.”
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Kyla also has a running list of what she needs. “When vintage shopping, you have to know that you’re going to have some misses, and be okay with it. Sometimes, I’ll see something that makes my heart pound, and I know it’ll have a space eventually. I’ll pick it up and store it for later. However, I’m willing to also pass on finds if they’re not perfect. It’s a catch and release. If it’s not exactly what I’m looking for, I’m not going to sweat it and will try not to kick myself in the end.”
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A dog illustration makes an appearance in the guest bedroom. It’s safe to say that Kyla is a seasoned veteran of the Instagram sales.
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Years in the making, the patio might be one of Kyla’s favorite spots in the house, a space she describes as a labor of love (and hate). Vintage finds add color to the California modern-style deck. And of course, everyone’s favorite topic, the fireplace! Modern and chic, it’s like camping without well, actually camping.

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