We Hope You're Hungry: Homeslice Is Opening A Neal's Yard Restaurant

Like most London foodies, we've got quite the soft spot for food trucks and savoury street treats. But, let's be honest — it's freaking freezing out there, and enjoying a slice of pizza, no matter how delicious, is darn near impossible when your hands are frozen solid and completely numb.
So, imagine our delight to learn that Homeslice , the supreme, wood-fired, pizza-pie purveyors of London street markets, is finally coming out of the cold and into its own brick-and-mortar joint at 13 Neal's Yard this March. We hear that the menu will consist of a variety of pies (available eat-in or, for those street-food loyalists, by takeaway), and prosecco, on tap, servicing our cravings for bubbles and guilty pleasure dishes!
In the words of Homeslice itself, "Brace your good self!" And go ahead and let out those trousers a tad.
Photo: Courtesy of Homeslice

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