The Crystals You Need For Every Season

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We have plenty of ways to mark the seasons: the clothes we wear, the veggies we eat, the movies we watch (although Oscars season isn't officially recognized on the Wheel of the Year). But, your crystal collection can reflect the transitions between winter, spring, summer, and fall, too.
For instance, you probably feel a little differently in the winter than you do in the summer — more sluggish and less playful, maybe. If you believe in crystals' energetic power, you could very well benefit from keeping, say, a crystal that promotes better and more restful sleep by your side during the colder months. On the flip side, you'd probably enjoy having a bubbly, welcoming stone like citrine handy during the summertime.
As we have said before, there really is a crystal for every occasion. We can't promise there's one that will cure your hay fever, but there's surely one to help you make the most of your spring fever. Read on to find which stones you should put front and center on your altar, nightstand, or bookshelf during every season.
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Hardly the most invigorating season, winter is spiritually associated with rest and slumber. Just take a look outside next January and you'll see what we mean — nature is in the middle of its regularly scheduled, season-long nap. As animals retreat into hibernation and trees are laid bare, so, too, should you feel free to retreat and take the time you need to recover and restore your energy for the seasons to come.

Our first pick: Selenite
This sleep-friendly crystal is believed to help clear users' minds, balance the energy in their homes, and help them recharge after a long day. It doesn't get more restorative than selenite.
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Our second pick: Amethyst
An imagination- and dream-boosting stone like amethyst may help you avoid feeling cooped up during the colder months. First, it will help you relax. Next, it'll remind you to find inspiration in your surroundings. Because, in the dead of winter, we could all use a little more wonder.
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The trees are budding and the aforementioned critters are stirring from hibernation. Spring brings an undeniable feeling of potential and energy with it. The crystals you put front and center in your home should have properties that match this season's invigorating vibes.

Our first pick: Carnelian
It's no coincidence that this stone's coloring tends to resemble the sunrise. Carnelian is said to inject users' thoughts with creativity and new ideas, igniting passions that may have fallen dormant. Leave it by your front door to put a spring in your step for the whole day.
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Our second pick: Aventurine
This spring-green stone has long been thought to promote growth, energy, and even luck. If you're having a hard time getting into the springtime swing, aventurine can nudge you to break out of your rut and take more risks.
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Summer is a time of abundance — the days are as long as they can get, the warmer temps (and possible vacation time) have people feeling refreshed, and plants and flowers are in full bloom. The most favorable crystals for the summertime will have a similarly bountiful energy connected to them.

Our first pick: Citrine
This crystal is like a little drop of sunshine. Seriously, citrine has always been spiritually associated with the sun and its warm, welcoming energy. Bringing it into your house will have the same effect as throwing the shades wide open on a sunny day.
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Our second pick: Ruby
For all the extra time you spend outside in the summer, you'll need a crystal to imbue you with a sense of increased health and wellness. Ruby, the birthstone for July, is just the stone you need. As Mama Medicine founder Deborah Hanekamp recently told us, "It [represents] life and heat... In the summertime, we’re outside, walking around so much more and we’re more in our bodies, and ruby is a great stone for exemplifying that."
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The autumn season is known as nature's "winding down" period: The leaves are falling, animals are moving south or preparing for their winter's sleep, and we humans are spending less time outdoors. This season calls for relaxing, protective crystals that can boost our moods as the days grow shorter.

Our first pick: Kyanite
You might find yourself more in your feelings as the temps start to drop. Known as a meditation aid, kyanite can help you take advantage of these introspective moods, promoting reflective thoughts that ultimately lead to inner healing and, hopefully, great happiness.
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Our second pick: Shungite
Darker nights call for darker crystals, ones that can absorb any negativity that might bring us down. Shungite, made up mostly of carbon, is a particularly powerful option, especially if you're concerned with interpersonal conflicts or hurtful gossip.

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