Glamour Magazine Says No To Retouching (Kind Of)

We've all seen the consequences of a Photoshop-happy art department: floating heads, fork fingers, and the like. But even beyond the case of insane screw-ups, retouching often does more damage than good, like in the case of Zooey Deschanel being altered beyond all recognition in this Rimmel ad.
Unattainable images of perfection created through digital means leave women in constant search of flawlessness, only to be left distressed when it can't be achieved. Instead of celebrating the differences that make us unique, we do things like erase freckles and make already-thin women thinner. However, one magazine has decided to take a stand against the industry trend. Cindi Leive, EIC of Glamour, has promised to enforce limits in their use of retouching. While a pimple may get a visit from a digital derm and a wrinkly shirt might get ironed out, those freckles and curves are here to stay. And, even if a cover girl should request a digital diet, they still won't be slimmed down.
It's great that Glamour has decided to help promote inner beauty by not glorifying an unrealistic depiction of outer beauty, but it's unfortunate that it's taken this long for a ladymag to rage against the Photoshop machine. Still, it's a step, and we're pretty excited someone's stepping up to take it.
What say you, though? Do you think that magazines and media have a long way to go or do you like the system as is?
Image Via: Glamour

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