9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelter For Homeless

What have you done today? Because we bet that this 9 year old has got you beat.

Hailey Fort, in Bremerton,Wash., has taken on the grueling task of finding a home for the homeless. A few years ago, King 5 News reports, Fort saw a homeless man and asked her mother what they could do. They bought him a sandwich.

Then, Fort began planting a garden to harvest food for the local food bank. The garden donated 128 pounds of food last year, King 5 reports.

Now, Fort is spearheading a new initiative to build a mini 8x4 wooden shelter for a homeless man named Edward, with windows, insulation, and a drip rail. Her plan is to build 11 more of the portable sleeping shelters, with a $3,000 grant from Together Rising and momastery.com. "I think everyone should have a place to live," she tells the news station.

The shelter is comprised of box pallets from Lowe's, has wheels on the bottom, and is padded with insulation from recycled jeans ("It was important to me that it was environmentally friendly," she writes on her Facebook page.).

Each shelter costs some $300 to build, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to support Fort's cause, which also involves donating toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and coats to local charities.

Watch the news report, below.


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