These One-Star Yelp Reviews Of 5-Star Restaurants Are Too Funny

Photo: Courtesy of Yelp.
This story was originally published on February 27, 2017.
There are a number of ways to garner prestige and international acclaim as a restauranteur, but getting three Michelin stars is still one of the most obvious ways to announce you've arrived. The stars are bestowed by the French company Michelin (yes, as in the tire man) and very few restaurants globally ever achieve such status.
Of course, if you get that kind of praise, you've likely heaped up some other accolades along the way, from glowing newspaper write-ups to overwhelmingly positive Yelp ratings. But no praise is universal — even the best restaurants still have haters.
Ahead, ten scathing (and hilarious) burns from diners at ten of the country's most exclusive restaurants. Are they just missing the point, or does the emperor have no clothes? You may just have to get your own table to find out.

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