What Each Sign Of The Zodiac Loves Most About Itself

Photographed By Rochelle Brock.
Astrology tends to make waves only when something is wrong: Mercury's in retrograde, your love life is going down the drain, or your sign has changed completely (luckily, that last one was a false alarm). But, as any hardcore horoscope reader knows, following astrology comes with its fair share of confidence boosts, too.
Learning about what makes your sign tick can remind you that, yes, you really do rock. And, yes, every sign has qualities worth celebrating — no matter what you might hear about Geminis, Virgos, or any other astrological pariah.
In the spirit of focusing on the joy astrology brings us, we asked our readers to share their favorite thing about their sign. Funnily enough, just about everyone named a very classic trait associated with their sign.
For example, an Aries said they liked the fact that their sign came first, showing that competitive edge we've come to expect from Rams. Meanwhile, an Aquarius cited their rather individual and trendsetting ways. Turns out, certain generalizations we try not to make about the Zodiac ring pretty true.
Ahead, find out what R29 readers love most about their signs, then share your favorite astrological quality in the comments.

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