Your Sign Has A "Season" — Here's How It Affects You

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
If there's one time of year that every sign in the Zodiac should look forward to, it's their very own solar season, or the month-long period when the sun is aligned with their sign. You might not refer to it as such, but the dates listed at the top of your regular 'scope mark the beginning and end of your season. At the moment, we're in the midst of Sagittarius season — it started on November 22 and will draw to a close on December 21.
A given sign's solar season is literally their "moment in the sun." With this warm, expansive energy lighting them from within, it's only natural that people would feel particularly comfortable, empowered, and, well, uniquely themselves when it's their turn.
But that is not to say that people are totally unaffected by other signs' solar seasons. Everyone feels the sun's influence, wherever it happens to be on the Wheel of the Zodiac.
When the sun is in a sign, it functions like a spotlight, casting that sign and its influences in a lead role. In other words, we spend that season emulating that sign's common traits, no matter which sign we are. We may even focus more closely on the areas of life commonly associated with that sign.
During Cancer season, for example, you may feel more sensitive than usual or especially in touch with your innermost thoughts. This water sign is known for its emotional streak, and while the sun is aligned with it, the rest of us might feel the urge to spend more time in our feelings, too.
By contrast, Cancer season is immediately followed by Leo season, which imbues us all with the passionate energy we're used to seeing from our Lion friends. It can be an invigorating change of pace in the wake of whatever deep-set feelings Cancer's solar season dredged up, although the sun's nudging to be more direct — and perhaps more welcoming to confrontation — can be more taxing than freeing for some.
Basically, no solar season should be viewed as either a challenge or an advantage. After all, we live through 12 of them every year. Rather, stopping to observe how each one affects you (and how those effects may differ) can serve as a gentle reminder that, regardless of your personal astrological identity, we're all subject to the entirety of the Zodiac.
Whether you're enjoying your own solar season at the moment or under the sway of someone else's, there's always a reason to savor it — and lean into that energy. Then, mark your calendar for the start of the next sign's solar season. You just might feel it more than you once thought.
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