3 Things You're Getting All Wrong About Sagittarians

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Say hello to Sagittarius season, stargazers — and kiss the crazy-sexy-cool vibes of Scorpio season goodbye. The sign of the Archer imbues all of us with a greater sense of possibility and optimism, but it can also lead us to overlook the consequences of our actions.
People born under this sign are no different: They're a blast to hang out with, but they have a reckless streak that can prove destructive. The Sagittarian personality is big, make no mistake, but their boisterous sense of humor and open-hearted world view shouldn't be taken as an invitation to paint them in broad strokes.
Generalizations about this sign may help us start to understand them, but they'll never speak for every single Sag out there. In honor of Sagittarius' solar season, we're busting three of most pervasive myths about this fiery sign. Read on to discover what you might have overlooked about your Sagittarian friends.

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