Your Beauty Forecast, July 2016

They say love doesn't come with an instruction manual. But what if you could write one? On July 20, romantic Venus will flow into a supportive 120-degree angle (called a trine) with wise, mature Saturn. In this formation, the energies of the planets combine beautifully, sounding the call for both playfulness and structure. Does that sound like a paradox? It may not be. In order to thrive, relationships require clear agreements and a sense of where your limits and boundaries lie. Sure, this could bring up some heavy conversations, but leaving things up to chance is a far riskier option. Assumptions and guesswork rarely do much to build a bond. Hey, there's no "right" way to do love, but configuring a formula that works for you and your other half can be done. With diplomatic Venus working her magic, these conversations are bound to bring you closer. Think of it as creating a safe container for love to thrive. When you know what and whom you're working with, you can choose how far you want to go. And if you can get on the same page as bae, you'll have a wide-open space to relax and open your heart.
As Venus forms a trine with Saturn this month, bold moves will be rewarded. Take the lead and think outside the box romantically, creatively, and in the makeup department, of course. Not quite sure where to start? Choose a look below, and wear it with confidence. Red Hot
You’re ready to chill this month. As in kick back, leave the phone off the proverbial hook, and ignore all obligations that don’t involve snuggling up next to the object of your desires. But that’s not to say your nights in can’t be smokin’ hot. For these occasions, try this low-maintenance beauty look that’s as pretty as it is easy. Create a luminous complexion by applying highlighter on all the high points of your face. Then, blend it all in. Brush up and define your brows, and apply one coat of mascara to just your upper lashes. Next, use a large powder brush to swirl a nude blush into the hollows of your cheeks. Finish with a head-turning matte red lip. Apply two coats for extra staying power — no matter what (or who) comes your way.
Bright Eyes
You’re ready to turn your charm power up a notch this month, so you can bet all eyes will be on you. Give them a reason to stare with a bold white liner look. Start by applying foundation and concealer as needed. You can also dab a bit of foundation over your lids to create a smooth base for your eye makeup. Then, define your brows with a pencil and brush through with a spoolie brush. Next, wet an angled shadow brush and dip it into white powder eyeshadow. (By applying shadow rather than liner, you can better control the shape of your line.) Drag the brush along each upper lashline, extending the color into a cat-eye at the outer corner of your eye. Go over the line a second time to make sure it’s crisp and opaque. Finish with lengthening mascara, pink blush, and a matte lip.
Matte Moment
Matte lips are the beauty trend du jour. To go matte, start with a subtly contoured complexion. Define your eyes and finish with bright, bubblegum-pink lipstick in — you guessed it — a matte finish. Watch the video above to get all the details. Pro Tip:
If your lips are chronically dry, apply lip balm first. Slather on a generous coat, let it sit for five minutes, then wipe it off and top with your matte lip color.
Modern Art
July brings a slower, more relaxed vibe. While you have more time to nurture your individual interests and relationships, you can also be more experimental with your beauty look. Start by using a stiff, flat brush to press a gold shadow on the center of each lid. The pressing motion lets you reach full color intensity. Next, use a felt-tipped liner to trace a floating line along your crease. Start in the inner corner of your eye and follow your natural crease to meet the outer corner. (To make it easier, break this line into little segments, sketching from point to point. Then, go over it a second time to make everything smooth.) To up the ante, press a glittery gold shadow on each lid with your ring finger. Several coats of volumizing and lengthening mascara later and you’re a walking, glittering art piece.
Video Directed by Liam Le Guillou; Photographed by Nick Eucker; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Hair by Peter Matteliano at Kate Ryan and Maggie Connoly at Utopia; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Nails by Yuki Miyakawa at Kate Ryan; Set Design by Hans Maharawal; Modeled by Iuliia Danko for NEXT Management, Andrea Thomas for Q Management, and Hilda Dias Pimental for Muse Model Management.
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