ZK vs. MK: Is Zoë the new Mary-Kate?

Obviously, we have a little It Girl problem, and lately we've developed a tiny fixation with Zoë Kravitz. Since Fashion Weeks around the world this past September, we've been tracking the many looks of Lisa Bonet (aka: Lilakoi Moon) and Lenny Kravitz's adorable spawn. We were pleasantly surprised by her equally daring/darling turn as a guest star in the latest edition of the Citizens Band political vaudeville show. Is she a chip off the old Denise Huxtable block or what? To be honest, lil' Zoë makes us wonder if this teen trailblazer with her perfectly mixed up jewels and tousled tresses isn't fast rivaling another certain eclectic fashion gal? Once again, in the humble words of Carrie Bradshaw—We couldn't help but wonder: Is ZK the new MK?
Above from left: Photo via Splash News; photo via Splash News.
zoe_kravitz_mary_kate_2Above left to right: Photo via Refinery29; Picasa.

zoe_kravitz_mary_kate_3 Above, left to right: Photo via Getty; photo via Gawker.
zoe_kravitz_mary_kate Above, from left: At the Met Costume Gala photo via WireImage; photo via WireImage.

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