This Is Our Jam: Young Dreams, "First Days Of Something"

When we posted about Norwegian collective Young Dreams last fall, we highlighted the celebratory teenage love story in the video for "Fog Of War." Since then, the band has been hard at work completing its debut album Between Places, set to drop March 4 via Modular. Its newest single "First Days of Something," is a buoyant Graceland-reminiscent track, with lively strings atop the band's trademark harmonies. It's the sort of giddy pop that should put a smile on your face no matter how dour your Monday seems.
The video, though, is something else entirely. As our protagonist laments the last days of a relationship and plans a move to Australia from Oslo, he uses the song like a medication to lift his spirits. Director Kristoffer Borgli has the video's star play "First Days of Something" on his iPod, and move it from stereo to stereo as it progresses. It's a situation with which we can all identify: a moment when we're feeling so glum that the only way to temper our funk is to play our favorite song ad nauseum. All things considered, it's an ingenious use of the track, and one we can even imagine ourselves doing. Below, we have the new video, as well as the Soundcloud for easier listening.
Young Dreams ––  Between Places
"First Days of Something"
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