“You Suck At Cooking”…Or Do You?

You know what I find to be pretty dull? Cooking shows. But now that I have found You Suck At Cooking, I’ll never tire of watching someone else cook again. It’s the perfect combination of comedy, good eats, and quick dishes. Not only does the host provide you with recipes, but also helpful gems and thoughts on things like "Nacho Crimes" and the equation for a no-fail nacho dish:
I also sent his baked yams with dill video to a bunch of my friends:
Want to break up with someone, but don’t know how/feeling like a coward? Just slip a note under a gorgeous plate of pasta:
And for some reason, watching a grilled cheese with pesto come together with a Darth Vader voice and robot (?) hands is endlessly entertaining.
You Suck At Cooking guy — whoever you are (info on him is scant) — you are a total genius.

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