The Yonanas Elite Is A Kitchen Game-Changer

I'll never forget the first time I discovered the culinary miracle that is putting bananas in the freezer. A frozen banana is its own brand of ice cream, and blends well with virtually any other ingredient — provided you're willing to blend that sucker.
Enter: Yonanas Elite. This wunderkind kitchen appliance has absolutely made my summer. Throw a couple frozen bananas through it and you instantly get soft-serve banana-based ice cream! Mix in berries, peanut butter, chocolate, or booze; this thing knows no limits. In fact, you don't even need bananas. The Yonanas Elite makes sorbet just as easily (and, with this method, there's no need to add sugary simple syrup to create a smooth consistency. All you need is frozen fruit).
Perhaps my favorite feature of the Yonanas Elite (besides every single thing about it) is that it's easy to clean. Complicated cleaning is the number one reason I haven't touched my food processor in a year — and, let's be honest, a food processor ain't that complicated. But, the Yonanas Elite comes apart in three pieces, none of which get gunked up during the fruit-smushing process. SCORE.

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