Normal People Posing Like Models Cause Public Alarm

Try a little something for us – spread your legs about two feet apart, turn your head perpendicular to your shoulder, place your hand on your ribcage while bending your arm into a perfect right angle, and pitch your chin toward the sky. Magazine modeling doesn't feel that natural, now, does it? In fact, as this video project by Yolanda Dominguez proves, the physical contortions found in your average Elle portfolio can be downright disconcerting to those around you.
In Poses, Dominguez had otherwise normal-looking women posture like models in magazines, much to the alarm of the public. Passersby, waiters, and police rushed to aid – or simply gawk – at Dominguez' women, making for some very fine afternoon YouTubing. We suppose there's a greater statement about the objectification of women lurking behind all this, but we were too busy laughing at that poor lady curled up in a ball at McDonald's to figure it out. (PetaPixel)

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