Yoko Ono's Mother Was A Mega-Babe With "No Life"

For the newest Heroes issue of V , celebrities were asked to talk about their personal heroes, and they got a mouthful out of Yoko Ono, who chose her mother. With a tight finger roll and a cluster of flowers on her décolletage, Yoko's mom looked like a Hollywood version of Yoko, who appears as a three-year-old in the photo. But Yoko doesn't have entirely positive things to say about her hero: "She was a victim of the social conventions of her time. An extremely sharp and quick thinker, she certainly didn't think her life was great. […] She once told me that I should never get married. […] She never complained about her life, but such remarks made me wonder what she was thinking. When she passed away, I saw her lying in the coffin with her beautiful skin. What a waste! I thought. To have good skin and not have a life." Ouch.

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