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Raving For Your Health, The New Hangover Alternative?

Ever dreamt of getting down without the next day come-down? Or a way to socialize during your work week without loosing sleep? How about you try going out sans alcohol and drugs. Sounds intimidating, we know, but the recent "yoga rave" thrown by Pacha last week should boost your confidence.
Just five years ago, Rodo Bustos and Nicco Pucci, also known as the So What Project!, came up with the idea of a “yoga rave.” The theory goes like this" although drinking can be enjoyable, our bodies and minds are capable of creating the same euphoria on its own. Through group meditation, physical awareness, and different yoga techniques, it seems like the yogis have found a cure and we all may be approaching a healthier way to party.
The world-renowned club recently threw a pretty luxe party organized by the Art of Living Foundation, where a crowd of 20-to-30-something New Yorkers came together on a Thursday night to knock back a few non-alcoholic beverages, chomp down on some Indian grub, and let their vinyasas flow. Not only did attendees appear to have a kick-ass time, but also had the option of being home before midnight. If you ask us, it sounds like a much better option than trying to get to work in the morning after partying until dawn. Plus, who can say that they've worked on toning their abs while at the bar? (New York Times)

Photo: Via New York Times

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