Indie Band YACHT Comes Out With A Fragrance

We can admit that celeb perfumes don’t always pique our interest — um, who seriously wants to smell like Britney or Kim K (the answer is, a lot of people do, but we just happen not to be any of them)? But now, a fragrance fusion has come along (the first of its kind, really!) that hits all the right notes, in our books. In fact, we can’t wait to spritz it all over. The indie-dance band, YACHT, has somehow bottled the feel and sound (in collaboration with OLO Fragrance in Portland) of their electro-pop essence into one must-sniff, smoky-scented perfume (so, you can get the full-on YACHT sensory experience).
Shangri-La (named after their hit album) is a crisp, romantic blend of jasmine, vetiver, sumac, siam wood, and many more stellar scents. And if it’s anything like their zany tunes, the aroma should be a surefire way to put some pep in your step. Peep the latest vid by the band, and be sure to check out the fragrances on the YACHT website. We'll save you the gratuitous (additional) Nirvana pun here, but you could imagine.

Video: Via YACHT/Vimeo

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