Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress At Costco? The Nation Stands Divided

'Scuse us, but we've always had a pre-economic slowdown vision of bridal dress shopping—girlfriends and family at a satin-filled boutique sipping Champagne and laughing, smiling, and crying as the bride-to-be gets closer and closer to the gown that is The One. But times being what they are, maybe Costco has the right idea with its new pilot bridal boutique program in California (see video below) that brings the most intimate kind of shopping to big-box retail. Smart cookies that they are, The Gloss, put the whole project to an online vote and, to our surprise, it was a wash – about 41 percent say they wouldn't mind grabbing their gown where they can also get granola bars by the 1,000 pack, and 42 percent said no way while also copping to being snobs. What's your personal take? Remember that Costco also sells booze and all manner of reception goodies in bulk. (The Gloss)

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