We Have A Bone To Pick With S.F.

Without sounding like haters, we think it’s necessary every now and again to reflect on the not-so-good attributes of our city, you know, so we can better appreciate the awesome things it offers. Plus, we dote on our hilly hub constantly, so why not take a sec to give S.F. a proverbial report card on those areas that have room for improvement? In the spirit of self city-improvement, we rounded up 10 of the most whispered about grievances among folks in the Bay.
There's the lighter fare, like Karl making too many cameos, to the more severe sky-high cost of living. (Oh, rent’s due? Bye, paycheck!) Come along as we pick some bones, it may just be cathartic.
And, San Francisco, we're sorry. But, what kind of friends would we be if we didn't tell you all the bad stuff people are saying? It's for your own good.