5 People Share The WORST Lie They Told Their Parents

We're pretty certain that most people who regularly interact with their parents have lied to them at some point in their lives — and if they say they haven't, we're going to assume they're lying.
These lies aren't always big. Often, they're as simple as, "Yes, I did my homework" or "Of course there will be parents at the party." And since most of our lying-to-parents moments took place during our less-than-levelheaded teenage years, many of these fibs were eventually busted.
But what about the juicier lies we told? Those often make for the best stories, even (especially?) if our parents never discovered the truth. So we decided to ask R29 staffers and readers about the worst lies they told their unsuspecting parents. We weren't surprised to find plenty of confessions about secret parties, romance-fueled drama, and summers spent secretly slacking off. Read on for five of our favorites.

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