The 30 Worst Movies To Watch On Date Night

No movie is a good date movie. Let’s just get that out of the way. Unless you’re well into a relationship, sitting in a darkened room with someone else for two hours will in no way help you get to know one another (other than whether or not one of you is a heavy breather). But, there are bad date movies, and there are really bad date movies. Taking someone to see Gone Girl for instance, would be a really bad date.
When David Fincher’s gripping crime thriller was released last month, it was universally hailed as a bad date movie (unless — caveat — you "dream of destroying one another"). Its depiction of both sexes was unflattering. Its take on marriage was cynical. Its central sex scene was blood-soaked. Even Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn joked that the movie would “break up couples nationwide.”
The number of actual breakups Gone Girl has been responsible for remains to be seen. But, whether or you’re well into a relationship or about to embark on one, this is a film best viewed without a romantic interest.
And, because we want you to be happy, here are 30 more movies you should never see on a date.

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