5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Nov 30 2014

Photographed by Rus Anson.
We know that sitting at a computer all day isn't doing us any favors. But, standing with our faces in our phones apparently isn't so great either. To get your good posture back, try these office stretches.
According to new research, we run faster if we know how far or how long we've got to go, but it won't actually seem more difficult. This means that if you want to get the most out of your post-feast run, you should definitely plan ahead.
As we continue to wade our ways through peak travel season, every trip to the airport begins to feel like another chance to get sick. To stay out of the germ-filled line-of-fire, avoid the aisle seats and stay away from the bathrooms. (Forbes)
And, speaking of travel, we're always on the hunt for a way to prevent jet lag. The good news is that the secret to comfortably adjusting to a new time zone could be as simple as getting as much light as possible and drinking lots of water. (Vox)
Feel like you didn't get enough tryptophan this Thanksgiving? Well, there are a ton of other places to get that precious amino acid. Try dairy products, eggs, seeds, and salmon.

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