Crucial Products Your Hair Type Needs This Winter

Face it: Your hair is needy right now. We’re not judging. Every single one of us should coddle our strands in the winter months. Just as you layer on the cashmere and down to survive cold weather, you need a hair-care wardrobe to battle the elements.
The reason is fairly simple, if not disturbing. Your hair is dead. While the follicle is a living part of your scalp, the strands you see are lifeless. This means the lack of moisture, frigid temperatures, harsh winds, and arid indoor air pull vital elements from your locks — and it’s up to you to replenish them.
The good news is, you can replace what winter steals with the right ingredients and styling advice. We asked top stylists for their tips on helping every tress type — from fine to curly — battle dryness, brittleness, static, and other seasonal afflictions. Follow these tips, and you’ll make it to March with a mane that would make Elsa from Frozen jealous.

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