All Your Favorite Celebs Are Using This New App Under “Secret” Names

What is fascinating about finding out what people are eating? Why is food porn a thing? Who the hell cares? We might never find the answers to these existential questions, but for whatever reason, food is interesting and fun to look at. It's yummy, it’s relatable, and it’s primal. Everyone has to eat to survive, but what we eat, how we eat, and where we eat — well, that tells a whole different story. Maybe this explains the strange fascination with the new, little-known app that many celebs (such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Joe Jonas, the Kardashians, and Lo Bosworth) are on. It's called Wine 'N Dine. Wine 'N Dine is basically like Instagram, but instead of selfies and pictures of your kid/dog/cat/pet bird, it’s just for pics of your food — and where you're eating it. So the app not only shares food pics with your followers; it can also allow people to save lists of foods and places they want to try. For example, there is a cheeseburger post by Bella Hadid that looks face-meltingly incredible. Where can I get it? The Thompson Diner in Toronto. I save it to my “Want To Try” list, and the next time I'm in Ontario (probably never), I’ll go! Done and done. In case you’re feeling “food curious,” here are some of the celebs you can follow on Wine ‘N Dine, plus their "secret"/unexpected usernames. Happy stalking! (I won't judge you; I've been creepily crawling it all afternoon). Chef BoyarGi: Gigi Hadid
Looka The Flicka Da: Bella Hadid
KimKardashianWest: (duh)
kourtneykardash: Kourtney Kardashian
AdamJoesph: Joe Jonas
Lord: Scott Disick

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