Why Different Drinks Make You Different Kinds Of Drunk

Photographed by Virginia Rollison.
Does tequila make you insane while gin just makes you a little weepy? Well, according to this new DNews video, all that is mostly in your head. But, that doesn't necessarily make it fake. We know that different kinds of alcohol can leave us varying degrees of hungover. This is down to something called congeners, which make darker liquors more damaging. But, if you're drinking the same amount of alcohol, there's really no scientific reason one type of drink would make you act differently than another — deep down, it's all the same stuff. When it comes to our behavior, though, there's a little more going on. In a classic experiment from 2003, researchers found that people acted more "drunk" and suggestible when they merely thought they'd had alcohol (even though they'd just had some delicious flat tonic water). So, we're probably crazier after tequila because we think we'll be crazier. But, we're not complaining — this is where all the best stories come from, anyway.

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