Which Is The Most-"Liked" Brand On Facebook? (The Answer Will Bore You)

Converse! On Facebook, the sneaker brand wins the fashion brand "liking" contest by garnering nearly 21 million "likes." Second is Adidas (11 million "likes") followed by Burberry (10 million), Levi's (9 million), Nike Football (5.6 million, and how is this a fashion thing?), Lacoste (6.7 million), DC Shoes (6.2 million), Puma (5.9 million), Gucci (5.6 million), and Dior (5.6 million). For comparison, your favorite fashion brand on Facebook (ahem) has 106k. Confusing? You bet. Are our little brothers and college exes more active Facebook fashion fans than we are? Who is still wearing DC shoes? Does this list read like a hit-list of knock-offs you can find on Canal Street or what? (WWD)

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