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In case you weren’t aware, today is something of a national holiday — 4/20 is the official day dedicated to all things cannabis, and it all started right here in the Bay in 1971. A group of five friends at San Rafael High School coined the term in honor of their daily 4:20 p.m. smoke session near a wall outside the school. 

“San Francisco has become a hub for world-class cannabis in the same way the city is a meeting place and a destination for top-flight food, wine, and technology. It's happening here,” Chris Roberts, marijuana industry reporter for SF Weekly and the San Francisco Examiner, tells us. April 20 isn't just a celebration for stoners in S.F. — it's a chance for weed enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate the singular herb. 

To help fete this special day, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in dispensaries, munchie haunts, and apps in the slideshow ahead. One look at this list, and you'll want to puff-puff pass this information on.

Marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
Best High-Class Dispensary
The Apothecarium is the classiest-looking dispensary in San Francisco, with black-and-white patterned wallpaper, a crystal chandelier, and a sleek, black bar that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a swanky speakeasy. "Budtenders" greet medical card holders at the door, and hand over a fancy menu printed daily with exclusive offerings and specials. Expect good vibes and an even better selection of flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, seeds, clones, and accessories — plus, delivery right to your door when you can’t make it in.

The Apothecarium, 2095 Market Street (between 14th and 15th streets); 415-500-2620.
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Best Dispensary Perks
Walking into Sparc is like walking into a sanctuary. Card holders can bring their dogs and drink free organic tea while choosing from Sparc's endless selection of flowers, edibles, and body-care products like Foria. Plus, the dispensary offers extra special perks like free acupuncture, events for sampling edibles and topicals, and access to a huge collection of Volcano vaporizers.

Whether you're a fan of Granddaddy Purple's cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, or you like Sweet Diesel to ease stress and improve focus, we consider this the best place in town to find the strain that's right for you.

Sparc, 1256 Mission Street (between 8th and 9th streets); 415-252-7727.
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Best Weed Training
If you're serious about turning your interest in weed into a career, our city has the school for you. At Oaksterdam University, the nation’s only recognized cannabis college, you'll learn about many different aspect of marijuana, like its history and current state, the laws governing its use, business strategies, and how to grow and cook with the plant professionally.

"The fine people at Oaksterdam University are responsible for shaping the Bay Area's weed industry as it stands today," Roberts tells us. "We hear a lot about tech accelerators. It's clear that OU has been one of the country's most important legalization and cannabis industry accelerators."

Star alumni include Constance Finley, founder and CEO of Constance’s Pure Botanical Extracts, a company making some of the most potent cannabis oil in the world, which is currently in use to treat a variety of health conditions, including cancer and Lyme disease. "I’m so happy to see more women in the cannabis industry now," Finley says. "When I was at Oaksterdam in 2010, eight out of 60 students in my class were women."

Oaksterdam University, 1734 Telegraph Avenue (Between 17th and 18th streets in Oakland); 510-251-1544.
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Best Stoned Workout
Ganja Yoga offers cannabis-enhanced, all-levels, relaxation-based yoga. "Many students say they were coming to their yoga classes high anyway," founder Dee Dussault tells us. "So, having the opportunity to do it ‘out of the closet’ is awesome. They love the community vibes of Ganja Yoga. When yoga is combined with cannabis, the release of tension is greater."

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies, or they can purchase heavily discounted cannabis from the collective (all first-timers get a free pre-roll!).

Ganja Yoga at Merchants of Reality, 285 9th Street (between Clementina and Folsom streets); 707-363-3336.
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Best Weed Candy Store
Shambhala Healing Center is more like a candy store than a conventional dispensary. "We welcome all types of patients, so we try to offer a big variety of flowers, concentrates, and edibles to fit everyone’s needs," says manager Allison Clemente.

It's impossible to choose between the jars of cute weed gummies, melty chocolate, and salty snacks, but be sure to try the classic, sour watermelon gummies, Cheeba Chews (they taste just like tootsie rolls!), and the Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar. Or, if you're feeling extra adventurous, we dare you to order a cup of their cannabis-infused coffee!

Shambhala Healing Center, 2441 Mission Street (between 20th and 21st streets); 415-970-9333.
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Best Weed Sweet Treat
Winner of the 2014 Best Dessert Edible at the Hempcon Cup, Cannabis Creamery is exactly what it sounds like: ice cream with a healthy dose of pot inside. After being asked by the Grateful Dead to create a "special" ice cream, the company started experimenting with premium ingredients to develop a line of flavors, each with 60mg of cannabis per 4-ounce serving. While flavors range from vanilla and chocolate to cookie dough and vegan, passion fruit sorbet, Isaac Lappert, vice president of Cannabis Creamery, says his mint chip flavor is "the best medicated ice cream this edible-lover has ever consumed."

The delightful dessert is also available at East Bay dispensaries such as 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center and The Green Remedy Collective. And, look out for an ice cream sandwich, coming soon!

Cannabis Creamery, 223 Ohio Ave (between 2nd and 3rd streets in Richmond); 510-231-2340.
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Best Weed App
Eaze is a (licensed) lazy stoner’s dream. You can order weed and have it delivered in minutes. "We're offering the revolution of on-demand services for medical marijuana patients," Eaze CEO and founder Keith McCarty tell us. Sign in through their website, get your medical marijuana card verified, and browse through a hi-res menu of cannabis products, complete with thorough descriptions to help you find the perfect medicine.

And, did we mention that they'll basically deliver your purchase anywhere? "Our goal is to make it convenient for patients, so if that means delivering to a bar, an office, or Golden Gate Park, we can make that happen," Caroline Vespi, head of communications, says. Done and done!

Eaze, 540 Howard Street (between 1st and 2nd streets); no phone.
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Designed by Elliot Salazar.
Best Sweet + Salty Munchies
When it comes to S.F. eateries with munchies that hit the spot, Little Chihuahua reigns supreme. Just ask any local around. The fried plantain and black bean burrito includes all of the finest sweet and salty flavors in one warm, melty tortilla. SFist calls it "a standout with a sweet and savory filling that plays nicely with black beans without becoming starch overload."

The eco-conscious stoner will be comforted to learn that Little Chihuahua only uses local, organic produce and sustainable meats. Manager Crystal Connors tells us that this burrito in particular is extremely popular in San Francisco because they can make it vegan. The best part? You can find this dream munchie in three neighborhoods: Lower Haight, Noe Valley, or the Mission.

Little Chihuahua
, multiple locations.

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