What We're Wearing: Helen Totes A Vintage '80s Bally Bag

Helen Yi, Editorial Intern
What I'm Wearing: "Silence + Noise sweater, J.Crew silk blouse that I nabbed at their amazing NYC sample sale, Madewell Nut Necklace (a Christmas gift from my lovely sister), my mom's vintage Bally bag from the 80's, Madewell coaster pants, Dannijo bracelet, my ever present black Goody hair tie, and Topshop Antique Western boots."
On The First Day Of Hot Weather You'll Find Me: "I'm seriously such a kid. I've been dying to go to Coney Island ever since I saw the Tickler on an episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker and I'm definitely heading there with my husband to scream our heads off on crazy roller coasters and pig out on every fried, batter-dipped goodie we can get our hands on."
My Styling Tip These Days: "The days are warm but the nights are still pretty cold! I'm such a grandma and I can't stand being cold so I really try to layer, layer, layer. Yes, sometimes you may not want to wear a cardigan under that light spring jacket, but in my humble experience, spring colds really are the worst to get over."
3 Things That Are Always In My Fridge: "Lemons (I'm literally addicted to putting lemon on everything. It's a disease), Fuji apples for my husband and some good ole Sirracha sauce. I don't know if you're supposed to put Sirracha in the fridge but it works for us."

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