Here’s What To Eat & What NOT To Eat At Work

Designed by Mallory Heyer.
While grabbing a snack at work might seem like a fairly simple endeavor, there's actually a whole underlying labyrinth of office politics and decision-making involved. How much are you willing to spend on a "good" snack if you already spent $12 on lunch? Is your cubicle neighbor going to flip out if you open a jar of kimchi and start munching away? How do you walk the fine line of eating something satisfying without being pegged as the loudest chewer in the office? Unless you're working at the likes of Google (where the food options are endless), snacking at the office can be pretty bleak. But it's also a part of the day everyone looks forward to immensely, as a much-needed break from the daily grind. And therein lies the snacking struggle. To combat this constant munchie dilemma, we decided to sit down and create a matrix of acceptable and unacceptable work snacks based on price and deliciousness. So, next time your desk buddies shoot you a dirty look, you'll know it's simply because they're jealous of your snack game — and not because they're pissed you're spitting out cherry pits onto a paper plate that is teetering dangerously close to that so-called common space.
Office Acceptable Under $5
Not So Much Under $5
Not So Much Over $5

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