What’s Your Whoroscope? Artist Illustrates Your Inner Harlot

Confession: we check our horoscopes a little too religiously and sometimes their accuracy can be a bit spooky, especially those pesky love charts. Well, artist
Caris Reid
has a new project that plays with sex and astrology in an awesome new way. Called the "Whoroscope" project (after the poem by Samuel Beckett), Reid is doing portraits that aim to reveal your inner whore. Not to worry though—these are some classy broads—all Reid's portraits are of prostitues from the Victorian era and the '20s that correspond with each zodiac sign. Done on paper in black and white ink, these 8x11 portraits won't break the bank at a cool $150 a piece, but you'll have to move quick as Reid is only doing this project until her birthday on April 13th. Email caris.reid@gmail.com to order before April 1st and check out what your inner vintage whore looks like. We think Susan Miller would be into it.


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