What To Listen To If You’re In A Music Rut

Remember that song you heard a few months back, the one you would, without fail, crank up all the way and bop along to? Well now it's caught on, and you hear it everywhere — at the gym, blasting from cars as they whiz by, even the grocery store isn't safe from radio hits. Played out, much? Before you do anything so rash as swear off summer music for good, might we suggest broadening your sonic horizons and exploring some lesser-known genres? Let mainstream tracks take the backseat while you delve into the breathy, atmospheric sounds of dream pop, the moody, occult tones of electronic witch house, or the SoCal vibes of surf rock. Not sure where to start? Swipe the images below to discover which under-the-radar music subculture you should be rockin' to now. As always, head to Music Tracker for the freshest news about the latest sounds. Your headphones will thank you.

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