The Big Question: What Do Models Eat At Fashion Week?

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Well, the short answer is that it's not cotton wool soaked in orange juice. A quick peruse backstage at shows demonstrates that the average model chows down on food that is more calorie-laden, carb-heavy and, frankly, delicious than the average stereotype would allow. After all, walking up and down that runway is EXHAUSTING.
Yesterday Brit models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn tucked into some pre-runway McDonalds, which Cara shared on Instagram for all to see. We just hope they didn’t eat the bags too…Ms. Dunn, who hosts her own cookery show, also took to Twitter on Sunday to declare her love of fast food chicken chain Nando’s. She and model buddies polished off their fair share of peri-peri chicken and chips before walking Topshop’s Unique show in front of Anna W, Kate Moss et al.
But it’s not just a select few models that are bucking the pouty and stomach-rumbling clichés. The backstage areas at London Fashion Week shows are strewn with empty pizza boxes, while the fruit kebabs go untouched. Models before Mulberry’s Sunday morning show could be seen scoffing down bacon baps filled with fries while getting their hair done, the Telegraph reports.
It would be unfair (and inaccurate) to presume that all models are scoffing down greasy carbs before striding up the runway. Some shows prefer to fill their girls with something a little more nutritious. Caterers Detox Kitchen provided butternut and pearl barley snack pots for lunch at Temperley, and muesli (as well as all manner of bagels and croissants) was served up before Preen’s presentation. The lesson: even models eat everything in moderation.
Of course the models’ carb-laden tweets and the calorific buffets on display backstage at shows could be seen as a deliberate (and possibly cynical) PR stunt that attempts to distance the fashion industry from it rep as a promoter of negative ideas about body image.
But even if this is a big PR stunt – which judging front what we’ve witnessed backstage over the past couple of weeks doesn’t seem to be the case – it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, a model boasting about eating a Big Mac – and not about fainting due to a lack of solid food – has got to be a good thing, right? (Telegraph)

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