What Makes One Express Better At Selling Going-Out Tops Than Another?

Express stores sell poplin stretch blouses, "going-out" tops, and more sterling silver jewelry than a business-casual neophyte knows what to do with. But what makes one Express more effective in getting you into their cropped sweatshirt blazers than another store? The mall store brand seems to be figuring it out, and is unveiling a super-strategic prototype store in the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania and another in Kenwood Towne Center. The features include:

—10,500-square-feet of the 13,000-square-foot space will be devoted to selling.
—The three sections (men's, women's and a denim lab) will be outfitted with oak ceilings, aged timber trellises, concrete floors, wood outrigger shelves, and black velvet curtains.
—Touch-screen computers and live-streamed Express fashion shows will add a interactive visual component.
—Circular displays will be scattered throughout the store.
—A two-tiered wodden runway will be placed in the middle of the store. Its purpose? No clue.

That's it? No insight on what mannequin bust size consumers prefer most? The number of inches dark-wash denim must hang apart from each other? If it's more effective to splatter sequins in the form of a butterfly or a dragonfly? Anyone? (WWD)

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