What If Barbies Were Anatomically “Correct”? (NSFW)

Whether one likes it or not, Barbie is America's universal girl's-girl icon. However, Barbie's huge chest and itty-bitty limbs also send the message of a literally unattainable beauty standard that we were all introduced to at impressionable ages. But what if our doll's figures actually reflected the proportions of real, normal-sized women? Enter, New York photographer Sally Davies. Sally's dolls are portrayed with a more realistic figure (although, if you ask us, they are still pretty busty), and feature tattoos, kinky hair, nipples, and other design elements that are more true-to-form than molded-on underwear. But to be honest, though her dolls are certainly a step in the right direction, we're still wanting more: Where are the girls who don't have lanky models legs? The plus-sized dolls? The small-chested girls? Would you have your daughters play with these?
For more on Sally Davies and her project check her out here.

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