What Fatherhood Has Taught 9 Awesome Local Dads

Father's Day is finally here! In honor of all the hard-working dads in town, we've rounded up some of the best to fill us in on what being a father has taught them. From Tellason's Pete Searson and his two little ladies to brand-new dad Derek Fagerstrom, of Curiosity Shoppe and Pop-Up Magazine fame, these guys are also some of the coolest in the Bay. Take a look through our super-sweet slideshow of these local pops and their absolutely adorable offspring after the jump. Warning: Get ready to belt out some major awwwwww's.
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Derek Fagerstrom, Co-Owner of the Curiosity Shoppe, Co-Creative Director of Pop-Up Magazine, dad to Arrow Lee, 3 months.

"Being a father has taught me that babies really are miracles, and so are their mothers."
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Jonah Buffa, Managing Partner of F.S.C. Barber S.F. and father to Gibson, 2 1/2.

"Being a Dad has taught me to really appreciate the simple things I've always loved, but wouldn't take the time to do, like eating ice cream bars in the park and watching koi fish, taking the ferry to Angel Island and playing in the sand with Gibson. There's really nothing better."
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Pete Searson, Co-Founder and Co-Designer at Tellason, dad to Luella, 5 (far left), and Charlotte, 3.

"Being a father has taught me to listen to others without distractions. Kids have not lived the long and complex lives we all have, so their focus and attention is far less cluttered than ours. Think of the benefits of truly hearing someone and not just pretending to hear someone!"
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Alan Dye, Creative Director, father of Clay, 2 1/2.

"Being Clay's dad has taught me so much. Over the past two-and-a- half years, he's shown me happiness that I've never felt before. Bad days at the office are erased by his smile, good days are made even better by his laugh, and the joy of watching him grow has made me so very proud. Oh–and like my father–I've also learned to always carry a clean handkerchief, as he and his nose are constantly on the run."

Photo: Sara Wert
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Auvy Ruelos, Designer at Dockers, dad of Luisa "Weezy" Estella, 9 months.

"Before we had Luisa I could get pretty agro. Fatherhood has made me feel calm. Whenever I'm hanging out with Luisa, I feel a calm that I've never felt before in my life and nothing really bothers me. It's pretty amazing."
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Andrew Paynter, Photographer and Director, dad to Sophie Mai, 9 months.

"Becoming a parent has allowed me to re-evaluate what in life is most important to share and enrich my daughter. She has taught me patience and care and nothing is better than watching her little face light up every time we dance, listening to Serge Gainsbourg. She loves Serge Gainsbourg."
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Wesley Mallette, Marketing/PR Executive, dad of Houston, 8, and Soledad, 1.

"Fatherhood has taught me what selflessness truly looks like in action!"
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Jonathan Gavzer, Healthcare Practitioner specializing in Manual and Functional Medicine, dad to Sunya Simone, 3 1/2.

"The biggest gift as a father is that it feels so good to take care of someone else. It puts everything else into perspective."
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Aaron Jones, Broadcast Sales Manager, dad to Beau, 6, Mina, 4, and Kingston, 2.

"The biggest thing I've learned from being a father is patience and true love. Not only with my kids, but also with my soul mate, my wife. Sounds corny, but to deal with three young kids under 6-years-old, my wife and I learn team work and patience. As hard as it might get, I love my family unconditionally. I'll take my five against any five, anytime."

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