15 Great Moments In Weird Beards

The past year and a half has been an interesting time for beauty. We've seen trends like man buns, animal sheet masks, all things '90s, and many, many others make their way into the mainstream. But there's one craze we can't seem to shake — nor do we want to — and that's the weird beard.
And we're not just talking run-of-the-mill weird, we're talking decorating, painting, and sticking-things-in-beards weird. Don't ask us why men are doing this or what's in the water, all we know is we can't get enough. So, in honor of Movember, we've rounded up the most out-there facial-hair moments we've come across.
Yes, we're aware that Movember's focus is mustaches — which, technically, all of the following men have — but their beards are the main focal points, both here and in our hearts. Click through to check out our favorites and prepare to be awed. Bearded men, beware: People will be tempted to stick random shit in your scruff after reading this. We're sorry in advance.

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