Weird Fragrance Notes That Actually Smell Kind of Amazing

Your favorite fragrance is likely comprised of quite a few scents — and there are some pretty wacky ones out there. Don't believe us? Balenciaga's newest perfume channels a Japanese appetizer. Meanwhile, there's a bottle on the market with notes of English Novel. The crazy part is that these scents — at least when they're mixed with the rest of the fragrance — smell amazing.
The average perfume-shopper probably doesn't think much about the individual notes of a perfume. All that really matters is that is smells good on your skin, doesn't give other people migraines, and isn't the least bit reminiscent of your grandmother's dusty old atomizer — unless you're into that kind of thing. So, how do you dodge those perfume pitfalls and avoid smelling like everyone else? Ahead, find five of the strangest scent combos we could scrounge up. Go ahead: Let your fragrance-freak flag fly.

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