Weight-Loss Perfume: Smells Like A Scam

Just when you think the universe is finally tapped out on wacky weight-loss tools, the fragrance industry throws its hat into the ring. That's right, Velds has just released Prends-Moi, a fragrance designed to "slim with pleasure."
This Parfum de Minceur (rough translation: thinning perfume) features sparkling top notes of caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina — mmm. With this magic combo, the fragrance claims to reduce the need to snack by 75%. Another not-real-but-kind-of-creepy-sounding stat? A surprising 73% of users claimed to experience a "feeling of pleasure." We'd kind of like them to elaborate on that ... but kind of not.
So, if you're tired of spritzing on Enormé, then get in line! But be warned — it's a long one. Already, 6,000 U.K. customers are waiting to purchase this miracle spray for £29.99 (about $50), hoping to smell their way to skinny. (Daily Mail)
So, who's ready to cancel their gym membership?

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