Your Horoscope: March 27th to April 2nd, 2022

While the internet debates whether or not Aries is truly the horniest season, the cosmos conspires with us and against us. Mercury shifts under the stars of Aries on the 27th, making bold declarations and getting a little fresh when it so chooses. Meanwhile, Venus makes a conjunction to Saturn on the 28th, the final note of Venus’s difficult journey between Mars’s driving energy and Saturn’s penchant for restraint. Saturn’s leash loosens after the conjunction, and Venus gets a taste of freedom under the stars of Aquarius, just in time for the new moon in Aries on April first. An Aries new moon buzzes with possibility and with untapped potential but it’s not without baggage. A conjunction to the asteroids Chiron and Pallas in Aries speaks to old wounds, especially wounds to one’s pride and those between close friends, which might be influencing our movements. Mercury makes a conjunction with Chiron on the second, laying the difficult cards on the table. To come to the table, to play, one must be as ready to lose as they are to win.

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