Your Horoscope This Week: January 9th to January 15, 2022

Illustration by barbarianflower

This week begins with an initiatory first quarter moon in Aries, which makes a trine to inquisitive Mars in Sagittarius and a square to discerning Venus Rx and the steadfast Sun in Capricorn. There’s a sense that restriction can only hold a heart back so much, that carefulness and consideration want to rub up against boldness and adventure, that one can only stand sentinel over one’s day for so long until one craves a change of scenery or at least a changing of the guard. A sextile between Mercury in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries the following day on the 9th invites good spirits even in tough times, and a gentle reminder that while things may not look the same or work the same, the wells of validation, empowerment, and generally good vibes are not dry. The Sun in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces the following day, on the 10th, echoing these sentiments with an air of determination. This is a great week to return to personal affirmations and rituals that endear us to ourselves — an especially important return as we prepare for Mercury’s retrograde station in Aquarius on the 14th, when staying connected to our own power and presence will help us navigate how and when we can best connect with others.

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