Share Your Wackiest "I Do" Moments & Be Featured On R29

Yup, wedding season is officially in full swing, folks! And we have to say, there's no bigger letdown than a been-there-done-that celebration. You know what we're talking about: drab décor, a mediocre meal, and worst of all, a dull DJ set. Sure, it's important to keep up with tradition, but sometimes the best soirées are the ones that bend the rules. Those are the bashes we continue to gush about, months after the bouquet's been tossed. And who doesn't want that for themselves?
From quirky centerpieces and unusual locales to bangin' bridesmaids dresses and buzzy wedding-weekend activities, we're pretty positive our readers know a thing or two about throwing (and attending) a choice ceremony. So, we're asking you to email us with pics from the wackiest wedding moments you've ever witnessed.
Whether that means your own non-traditional nuptials or that unforgettable ceremony you attended recently, we want to see it all— and we'll be sharing our winners with the world next Tuesday.
The best part? We're giving away bottles of Prevu, our new fave French way to get liquored up (hey, even bubbly can feel snoozy sometimes!). It's a 100% organic sparkling libation, packed with black currant, raspberry, blackberry, and a touch of violet flower. Cheers!
So, speak now or forever hold your peace, and mail by the end of day Friday — we'll alert those who take the cake over the weekend. After all, it's always a nice day for a...weird wedding!
Photographed by Winnie Au

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