Blackouts, Face-plants & Other Wedding Day Disaster Stories

It's easy to think of your wedding day as something straight out of a fairy tale. You're wearing a beautiful dress and you're making a commitment to spend your life with the person you love. Add in the fact that you're surrounded by family and friends and it's bound to be the best day. Right? Well, as anyone who's planned a wedding knows, it's not all sunshine and roses on the big day. There's an infinite number of things that can go wrong. Whether it's getting into a fight with a family member or peeing on your dress (Yes, really!), there are plenty of unexpected horrors that can befall you on your wedding day. Through the secret-sharing app Whisper, newlyweds have confessed some seriously cringe-inducing mishaps from their wedding days. If you're planning your own nuptials, take comfort in knowing that even if you have a few bumps in the road on your big day, it will never be as bad as what happened to these people. And if anything does go wrong, just remember that in the end, what matters most is the marriage, not the wedding.
My mother-in-law insulted my dress on my wedding day.
My wedding dress was covered in mud at our wedding because my husband dropped me in a mud puddle before it started
My wedding was today. My husband fell over and split his head open so we
My new wife grabbed my dad
I face planted walking down the aisle at my wedding and brought my son down with me.
On my wedding day, I vomited in my mouth while walking down the aisle. After the vows, my husband gagged immediately after we kissed...
I got so drunk I blacked out on my own wedding day...
My sister wore a sweat suit that looked like pajamas to my wedding and ruined the family pictures. It
At my wedding, my sister sabotaged the slideshow and inserted photos of when she used to dress me up as a girl when I was a toddler.
An old flame of mine showed up at my wedding looking sad. Didn
I found out on my wedding day that my mother in law changed the entire menu for our reception. That hurt
I messed up my vows on my wedding day. Most embarrassing moment ever.
The officiant at my wedding mispronounced my name during the ceremony. Three times. We even practiced it beforehand.
I peed myself in my wedding dress at the reception because I was laughing so hard. Guess I
I put my wife
I was so nervous at my wedding, I forgot my wife
My ex gave me the awe struck "you

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