Wave Goodbye To Your Morning: Rachel Comey Finally Has A Website!

No holds barred, Rachel Comey is one of our favorite brands. And like anything we're obsessed with, we're obsessed with all of it—not only do we attempt to pick up her clothing, shoes, and accessories each season, but also we devour the whole Rachel Comey persona from her personal interviews, to her inspirations, to her special projects. Now, we have another resource to nurture our crush: A brand new website, Tumblr, Twitter account, and Facebook page. No e-commerce quite yet for the Come-ster, but the website is way more interesting than just a shop. In the next few months, it'll host a livestream to a fax machine (that provides a number, so you can fax in your own messages), videos of new fabric arriving fresh from the mills, and—ominously, from the press release—fighting goldfish.

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