9 Waffle Recipes That’ll Make You Want Breakfast All Day

This was originally published on March 25, 2015.
There's breakfast, and then there's Breakfast. The former typically involves a quick bite on your way out the door, while the latter is a meal worth your time and attention. Homemade waffles (not the toaster-oven variety of your youth) qualify as capital-B Breakfast, and they're totally worth the effort.
Many waffle recipes suggest advance planning: Make the batter the night before, and then getting them on the table — or just in your mouth — is practically as quick as stirring up a bowl of oatmeal or scrambling a couple of eggs. Plus, waffles keep well; store leftovers in a freezer bag for months and reheat in a 400-degree oven when the waffle-eating mood strikes.
The best part about a waffle breakfast — or dinner (just add bacon!) — depends on who you talk to. Personally, I'm perfectly happy when the stack is golden, buttery, and modestly dressed with a drizzle of honey, but if you're in it for the toppings, there's no shortage of choices: Fresh strawberries, sliced bananas, gently warmed maple syrup, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and maybe even blueberry butter are just some of the possibilities.
Ahead, nine mouth-watering recipes (including a gluten-free one) that will have you dusting off that trusty old waffle iron and getting down to batter business for your next meal.

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